Government awaits TNA participation

The government is still awaiting the participation of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in the Parliamentary Select Committee, Government MP Namal Rajapaksa said.
He said this in a tweet in response to a question posed to him on formulating a solution to the Tamil issue.
The MP also said that all Sri Lankans have suffered as a result of the war and the government will not allow it to happen again.
He said the main aim of the government is to ensure all Sri Lankans co-exist harmoniously in one country.
“We are a peaceful nation, where 20 million citizens co-exist harmoniously regardless of race, religion, caste or creed,” he said.
Talks between the government and the TNA were suspended in January last year with the government demanding that the TNA nominate a representative to the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on a political solution.
The Parliament Select Committee on a political solution had been inactive as the TNA has yet to name a representative.
The External Affairs Ministry had said last year that until the TNA names its representative to the PSC future talks with the TNA cannot take place.
The TNA has been maintaining that it would not send its nominees to the Parliamentary Committee as it feels that it would be of no use. (Colombo Gazette)