Vavuniya land to be acquired

The government is to acquire a large area of land in Vavuniya to permanently build a military camp.
According to the Lands Ministry, the owners of the land located in close proximity to the A9 highway have already been informed of this move.
The Lands Ministry says the land acquisition is being carried out legally and the owners will be compensated accordingly.
An army board of inquiry had recently ruled that the government has an absolute right to maintain its armed forces anywhere in the island according to the strategic and security needs.
It noted that a present the Tamil Diaspora operating from foreign countries are trying to de-stabilize Sri Lanka and so long as foreign governments give them a free hand their activities would pose a clear and present danger to the national security of Sri Lanka.
“Hence there is an absolute need to locate our armed forces at strategically important locations. However the Board recommends that Military bases should be located in such a manner so as to cause minimum inconvenience to the public,” the army board said.
Tamil political parties have raised objections to the presence of army camps in the north following the end of the war. (Colombo Gazette)