UK men jailed for attacking Sinhalese man

Two Tamil men in Britain have been jailed for a brutal unprovoked attack on a man in Wembley who was targeted because he was Sinhalese, the Kilburn Times reported.
Angelo Lazarus, 30, of Northwick Road, and Sathulinga Sinneveham, 32, of Pasture Road, punched, kicked and beat their victim with a broken bottle on February 12 last year.
Harrow Crown Court heard the victim was approached by the pair in Wembley High Road and told he must apologise to them.
When he tried to explain he did not know what he was apologising for and that he was not in the army he was attacked by the pair.
While trying to escape he was dragged across the busy thoroughfare where they carried on their vicious assault in front of shocked bystanders.
Witnesses who tried to intervene were told by Lazarus that it was “nothing to do with them”.
The victim sustained serious injuries and will be scarred for life.
Both men, who were arrested near the scene, had denied wounding intent but were found guilty yesterday.
Lazarus has been jailed for eight years and Sinneveham for seven.
Detective Constable Cyntac Wong from Brent Police, said: “This offence involved a brutal, unprovoked attack on a man simply because he was Sinhalese.
“His injuries were serious and his scars will be a permanent reminder. The sentences reflect the severity of the assault and the fact that racist attacks will not be tolerated.
“This would not have been possible without the quick thinking of witnesses who called us and the quick response of our officers.”