Sirasa lodges complaint with the police

The MTV and MBC network (Sirasa)  has received information of a possible attack on its journalists.
An official of the network said that a complaint was lodged with the Slave Island police regarding the information it received.
The official said that they were taking the information very seriously as in 2009 similar information was received just before the Depanama studio of the network was attacked.
Meanwhile in a news item aired on Sirasa, the network said that the information obtained by MTV/MBC notes that a group is gathering information regarding journalists at the Sirasa Media Network.
It further adds that a group is plotting to level an attack targeting employees of MTV and MBC in either Ratmalana or Colombo.
“Given prior attacks levelled at MTV and MBC, we are paying strict attention to this warning,” the news item said. (Colombo Gazette)