President says traditions must be protected

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in his traditional New Year message, has called on Sri Lankans to protect the local traditions.
He said that the “Aluth Avurudda” is a great cultural festival that has been observed by Sri Lankans from ancient times.
“It is the festival that marks the great association of Mother Earth with the Sun. Sri Lankans who are nurtured by an agricultural lifestyle meaningfully accepts the dawn of this traditional New Year,” he said.
The President said that the fullest joy of the New Year is realized in a free country where home and hearth is in full abundance.
He says the ability to make the country self-sufficient in rice, built a society rich in ethical values and seeing this birth of a New Year of happiness, gives Sri Lanka much cause for satisfaction.
“It is a joy to us all that today, more than at other times, our people are committed to observing the tradition of the New Year and thus the revival of the nation. The great tradition of bonding among families that is seen in the New Year adds strength to our society. Therefore, we must value the traditions that have come down to us from centuries past, protect them, and bestow this heritage to the generations that follow. This is what assures the continuance of the Sri Lankan nations,” the President added.