Korea assures safety of Sri Lankans

South Korea has assured the safety of Sri Lankans in the country following threats of war posed by its neighbor North Korea.
There are around 230,000 foreign workers in Korea including 25,000 Sri Lankans, and they are valuable contributors to the Korean economy as well as to bilateral relations between Korea and their origin countries, Jongmoon Choi, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Sri Lanka said.
He said that the Korean Government cares about their safety in case of emergencies and has established safety measures to secure the safety of foreigners.
“I hope the people and the Government of Sri Lanka can stand calm with the Republic of Korea and join the international community in sending a firm and constant message to North Korea that it should make a right choice, instead of going into a way of isolation,” he said.
The Ambassador said that  it is only natural that the international community is concerned about the threats of North Korea.
However, he says his government does not see any unusual military movement on the part of the North, and there is no sign that the North is actually preparing for a military attack.
“The main objective of the propaganda warfare is to scare the international community in order to increase its leverage at the negotiation tables. Considering these aspects, being excessively anxious over the current situation on the Korean Peninsula means being caught in the trap of North Korea,” the Ambassador said.
At the same time, he says  the Korean Government is maintaining full preparedness in every aspect for possible emergencies based on precise analysis of the situations.  (Colombo Gazette)