Live life in a container

With over three decades of expertise in container conversion solutions, Pership takes on to new dimensions in providing unique living spaces with the launch of ‘Exotic Asian Living’. The concept is currently growing at a fast pace globally, as most businesses and individuals seek living spaces that are easily deployable and cost effective with a hint of style and unique appeal.
‘Exotic Asian Living’ provides an ideal platform to explore creativity in living spaces, through its container conversion solutions. The containers are easily made in to unique living spaces, work spaces and storage units, providing a logical and innovative solution that can be designed to suite almost any comfort level. From single units to condos and composite resort concepts, Pership provides you with expert guidance on all aspects from the initial design to execution.
’Exotic Asian Living’s’ customized living spaces can be delivered within a period of 4-6 weeks, providing you an edge over conventional methods of building. Strong and durable, shipping containers are designed to carry over 20 tons stacked 7 high on a ship at sea, with a lifespan ranging from 15 to 20 years. ‘Exotic Asian Living’ also provides customers with the option of moving the units to a desired location as the living spaces are extremely portable.
Commenting at the launch event, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Pership, Jehan Edwards said ‘It is indeed an exciting time for the industry. Pership is proud to expose Sri Lankan’s to this unique concept of living. While this concept is fast growing globally, it is a relatively new experience to Sri Lankans.’ Chairman, Pership, Manik Pereira went on to say, ‘with Pership’s expertise in container conversions, we now offer the local market the opportunity to experience creative and stylish living at an affordable cost.’
Exotic Asian Living is crafted by Pership’s experienced team at the state-of-the-art Container Conversion Facility. Utilizing the highest quality of building materials and technology, ‘Exotic Asian Living’ extends a unique solution to those looking for unique, contemporary living style at an affordable price.