Fashion Bug stands by its decision

The Management of Fashion Bug says the company withdrew the case against the 17 suspects arrested, including 3 Buddhist monks, in connection to the attack on it’s warehouse in Pepiliyana recently as it was the right course of action as a responsible corporate citizen to mitigate any issue in the future and promote unity in the country.
When the case was taken up in court the company informed that it was not necessary to detain the suspects, particularly the clergy, in remand for the purpose of holding an identification parade, as such a situation could further erode national harmony and cause serious damage and prejudice locally as well as internationally. Therefore with the intention to maintain peace, it was informed to court that Fashion Bug will not continue with the action any further.
The police approved the submission of the company and informed courts that because of the responsible conduct of Fashion Bug, they were able avert a national issue. The police, following a strong warning to the suspects, moved court to discharge the suspects. Accordingly, the court discharged the suspects with a further warning.
Senior Deputy Inspector General of Western Province Anura Senanayake noted that the alleged incident that fueled the attack had no connection to Fashion Bug or any of its employees and said, “To withdraw their claims in the name of National Peace, being the victims of an attack of this magnitude, is truly exemplary”.
The company thanked the media for reporting accurately about the said incident and releasing the correct message to the public. The Management of Fashion Bug further extended their gratitude to President Mahinda Rajapaksa for his vehement pursuit of truth and justice with regard to the matter.
The company also thanked the Police and in particular the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Western Province Anura Senanayake for establishing swift law and order, all officials of the Special Forces for providing security, the team of lawyers for their guidance, all Leaders for their counsel, each staff member of Fashion Bug across the country that perseveringly stood by the company and the valued customers that stood by the brand through this trying experience.
The 17 suspects arrested, including 3 Buddhist monks, were produced earlier this week at the Gangodawila Court following the attack on the Fashion Bug warehouse and office complex in Pepiliyana. The 200 strong mob, which commenced its first attack at a business institution situated close to the Fashion Bug head office and warehouse in Pepiliyana for unknown reasons to the management of Fashion Bug, had later moved towards company premises, the Fashion Bug management said in a statement. (Colombo Gazette)