Army told to safeguard image

Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya told the army in Jaffna today to safeguard the good image of the organization at all times.
He said this after greeting troops at the 55 Division Headquarters in Vettalakerni, the army media unit said.
The army media unit said that the Commander called upon all the troops to commit firmly to the development of the country while safeguarding the good image of the organization at all times.
The Commander also noted that the soldiers will be transformed to adopt to the peaceful conditions as they are mostly used to serving during the war.
“Since I assumed office as the Commander, we are intent on transforming the Army, to be identical to the pre 1983 peacetime state of the organization because only a handful of officers, including myself experienced peacetime Army before 1983. Almost all of the present day troops joined the organization while the war was on and have not seen peacetime prospects,” he said.
The Commander noted that the Army did not have even a camouflage uniform before 1983. Therefore, efforts are being made to change the psychological milieu for them to adapt themselves to peacetime prospects unlike in the warfare.
“It is a daunting task which I am trying to do with those serving troops and that transformation for peacetime requirements needs close guidance and surveillance,” the Commander said.  (Colombo Gazette)