DeLon hits the top with pretty girls

Sri Lanka’s very own DeLon (Dilan Jayasinghe) has hit the top with his latest track ‘Pretty Girls’ which is fast rising up the charts worldwide.
The music video has already received rave reviews on MTV USA where it is listed among the most popular videos for this week.
DeLon is known as the first Sri Lankan artist to hit the U.S. Billboard charts, first with his single “Calor de la Salsa (The Heat Of Salsa)” in 2005 off of his debut album The Connection and then again in 2007 with his single “Nasty Girl” from his second album Unstoppable.
DeLon, known by his community as the “King of Ceylon”, has also collaborated American award-winning songwriter Jacob Luttrell, as well as new age Sri Lankan Hip Hop artists and producers such as Bathiya and Santhush, Ranidu, Ashanthi and Iraj.
Since 2013, DeLon has been hard at work writing and producing for his upcoming 4th studio album, “1st Gen.”, which will showcase his new musical style. In January, he shot a music video for his first single of 2013 titled “Pretty Girls”, which is currently playing on the radio in select locations. (Colombo Gazette)

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