India says protests on Lanka politically motivated

The Indian government says the recent protests on the Sri Lankan issue in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu were politically motivated, the Hindu newspaper reported.
Inaugurating a token fast today undertaken by the Puducherry Pradesh Congress Committee, protesting against the recent incidents of violence during the anti Sri Lankan protests in Puducherry, Union Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office V. Narayanasamy said most of the protests carried out by a few organisations, forums and students in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu were not spontaneous.
Many of them were politically motivated. Some of the parties wanted to enjoy political mileage by supporting the protests.
Mr. Narayanasamy said that though the Congress party was also sharing the sentiments of protesters on the human right violations during the last stage of Eelam war, it was the only party that stood up for the welfare and rehabilitation of Sri Lankan Tamils.
However, the political parties, which had been staging protests, had done nothing for their welfare.
Similarly, the protesters including students had no clue about the expectation of Tamils. In fact, the protesters had done more harm to the Sri Lankan Tamils than safeguarding them.
He said the Congressmen should carry out concerted campaign in order to explain the contribution and sacrifice made by the Congress party to the Sri Lankan Tamils’ cause.
V. Vaithilingam, Opposition Leader, A.V. Subramanian, PPCC Chief and others took part in the agitation.