President stresses on religious freedom

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says all religions have freedom in Sri Lanka as it is a democratic country.
He also said that while protecting Buddhism in Sri Lanka Buddhists should set an example to others through their actions.
“We should not help arm those waiting to raise false allegations against us. When the world is looking at us I believe we must set a good example in everything we do,” he said.
The President said this at a ceremony held in Matara today.
President Rajapaksa noted that Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka always did what is best for the country and saved the nation from destruction.
He said that while historically the role of the Maha Sanga was important to the nation, that role is expected from them even today and they have a responsibility to point out where the government goes wrong.
“As a government we are always ready to accept that,” he added.
The President stressed that there should not be any room for anyone to accuse Sri Lanka of being racist or lack religious freedom. (Colombo Gazette)