Government sees attempt to create instability

The government has warned of attempts to create instability in Sri Lanka by stirring religious hatred among communities.
A statement by the government information department urged the public to exercise caution and avoid falling prey to rumors.
The statement also said that both local and foreign elements were attempting to disturb the peace in Sri Lanka.
The government says attempts are also being made to harm Sri Lanka’s good image overseas.
The statement was made in light of the attack on the ‘Fashion Bug’ warehouse at Pepiliyana yesterday.
Army, police Special Task Force members and riot police had to be deployed to the area to bring the situation under control after the mob threw stones and damaged the building.
Television images showed monks throwing stones at the building right in front of the police.
A car sales outlet next to Fashion Bug was initially attacked over a private issue before the mob turned their anger on Fashion Bug.
Earlier this week the police had warned that action will be taken against anyone attempting to incite racial or religious hatred via sms.
A statement by the police headquarters said that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had already launched investigations in this regard.
The police said that a Buddhist man and a Muslim man had been arrested for sending out sms messages which could incite racial or religious hatred.
The statement said that the police will strictly enforce the law on anyone attempting to create tensions among the various communities. (Colombo Gazette)