Magistrate advises Hirunika on dress code

Colombo Additional Magistrate Praharsha Ranasinghe today advised Hirunika Premachandra to wear appropriate clothes in court.
The Additional Magistrate gave the advice after noting the dress Hirunika Premachandra wore to court today.
Hirunika appeared in court today over an incident a couple of weeks ago where she was arrested by the Borella police and then freed on police bail.
The Additional Magistrate today forwarded the case to a mediation board.
She was arrested together with two others over allegations they assaulted a man in Borella.
However when contacted by the Colombo Gazette at the time, Hirunika Premachandra had rejected the claims.
She had said that when she had gone to meet the man with her bodyguards over a private dispute the man had stormed at her.
She said her bodyguards had come in-between the man and her and pushed the man behind.
He had then lodged a complaint with the police saying the bodyguards had assaulted him.
Premachandra said that the police had asked her to apologize to the man over the incident, which she refused to do. She was then arrested and released on police bail. (Colombo Gazette)