Customs to auction un-cleared goods

The customs department announced that it has decided to sell, through a public auction and tender procedure, all goods confiscate by the customs department and goods that have not been cleared by importers.
In a public notice, the customs department said that the tender and sales will be held independently and in a transparent manner where the general public will be provided with all the facilities for their participation.
Any person interested in submitting quotations for the auction can make specific refundable deposits as indicated at different instances when submitting quotations and making bids.
Unregistered vehicles, motorcycles, motor vehicles, spares, electronic components, textiles, gold and jewelry, footwear, foodstuffs and a variety of goods will be made available at the auction and tender, the customs department said.
It said that arrangements will be made for the public to inspect the items and goods prior to the sale or auction at the customs warehouse and offices on specific dates that will be announced. (Colombo Gazette)