Chinese, Thai girls arrested

The police and immigration and emigration officers arrested 12 girls from China and Thailand following a raid in Colombo.
The Colpetty police said that the girls were arrested from a mini hotel in Colpetty and another location down Flower Road.
Among the girls arrested were 6 Chinese girls and 6 Thai girls, the police said today.
The girls were arrested for being employed at both locations while in Sri Lanka on a tourist visa.
An investigation headed by the Officer n Charge (OIC) of the Colpetty police Mangala Dehideniya is currently underway.
The 12 girls were handed over to the immigration and emigration department and they will be deported once the investigations are over.
Just this week the police arrested 11 Nepalese women in Bambalapitiya for violating the visa regulations.
All the women were employed at restaurants operating in Bambalapitiya at the time of the arrest.
The immigration and emigration department was making arrangements to deport the women back to Nepal.
Several Indian nationals who work in Sri Lanka violating their visa regulations had also been arrested in recent times.
Recently a group of Indians who had been engaging in farming activities, without the required visa credentials, in Akkaraipattu had been arrested.
The police stated that they had been working on tourist visas.
After being produced before the Akkaraipattu Magistrate’s Court, the court ordered the suspects be sent to the Immigrants Detention Centre in Mirihana. (Colombo Gazette)