Lankans told to avoid Tamil Nadu

The Ministry of Defence has advised Sri Lankans to avoid Tamil Nadu as a result of the anti Sri Lankan sentiments in the south Indian state these days.
Military spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya said that even Sri Lankans on transit should try avoid Tamil Nadu.
He said that if any Sri Lankan is compelled to travel to Tamil Nadu then they should keep the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission in Chennai informed.
Just yesterday the External Affairs Ministry said that it was constrained to request Sri Lankan nationals to exercise caution when undertaking visits to the State of Tamil Nadu in India.
“In the event such visits were to take place to Tamil Nadu due to compelling reasons, Sri Lankan nationals are requested to keep the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission in Chennai informed well in advance,” the travel advice said.
The statement said that the Government of Sri Lanka regrets the recent incidents of intimidation of Sri Lankan nationals particularly instances of violent assaults against Buddhist Monks in Thanjavur and at the Central Chennai Railway Station, India.
The Ministry of External Affairs has lodged strong protests with the Indian Government through its High Commission in New Delhi and the Deputy High Commission in Chennai over the incidents of assaults on Sri Lankan Buddhist monks in the State of Tamil Nadu.
The Government said it condemns such assaults carried out by extreme elements with vested interests in attempting to tarnish our friendly relations with India.
Meanwhile the Indian High Commission in Colombo had said that India has noted with concern the recent incidents involving Sri Lankan citizens in Tamil Nadu.
It said that the Government of India, in consultation with the concerned state governments, has taken and will continue to take all measures to ensure the safety, security and well-being of Sri Lankan visitors to India, including to Tamil Nadu. The state government of Tamil Nadu has taken immediate action to identify and prosecute the miscreants, in respect of the recent incidents. (Colombo Gazette)