Developing countries behind Sri Lanka

Developing countries expressed their confidence for the efforts made by Sri Lanka towards achieving national reconciliation and commended its level of cooperation with the UN, the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva said in a statement.
The statement said that the developing countries clearly highlighted that the report (A/HRC/22/38) tabled today at the UN Human Rights Council under the agenda item 2 by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) was unwarranted and a clear overstepping of its mandate.
They also underlined that the report of the OHCHR has no nexus to the principle objectives of the US sponsored resolution 19/2 of March 2012, and therefore, any further initiatives in the Council, based on or emanating from this report are counterproductive.
The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva recalled that the delegation of the Russian Federation, while making a joint statement on behalf of 14 countries: Belarus, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela and Zimbabwe stated that the High Commissioner has hastened to prejudge the outcome of Sri Lanka’s ongoing domestic reconciliation process.
The delegation of Thailand while making an intervention said they welcome Sri Lanka’s efforts to engage with the Council, especially through the UPR process, which they believe is an appropriate mechanism to address the human rights situation in Sri Lanka.
The Delegation of Venezuela stated that the call for the international investigation prejudges the results of the national reconciliation process which is in full swing .
Sri Lanka also recalled the statement made by the Delegation of China which said it welcomed the efforts made by Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the LLRC and to formulate a National Plan of Action.
China had said that the report of the OHCHR has failed to reflect the positives, to which china express concerns.
The Chinese had called on the international community to support the Government efforts in reconstruction, reconciliation and to provide time and space. (Colombo Gazette)