Mob threaten home of Christian pastor

A mob including several monks surrounded the house of a Christian pastor in Weeraketiya today and staged a demonstration, sources from the area said.
The mob had set fire to tyres placed around the house and hurled verbal abuse towards those inside. It was not clear if the pastor was in the house at the time.
In December last year a large mob including many Buddhist monks stormed the Jeevalokaya Sabhawa premises at Weeraketiya where a Christian Congregation was gathered together for worship.
The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka said at the time that the mob had caused serious damage to furniture and equipment within the building as well as to vehicles belonging to church members which were parked outside. The pastor was also injured.
A day earlier a group of Buddhist monks and lay persons visited the pastor and told him that he cannot conduct Christian worship in Weeraketiya without permission from the Buddhist clergy.
The National Christian Evangelical Alliance had said that when the pastor informed the monks that he was simply exercising his Constitutional right to practice his religion, the monks told him that the Constitution has now changed.
The monks had issued an ultimatum to the pastor to stop the church or else they will destroy the building.
Recently there were also reports of Mosques coming under attack by unidentified groups.
On Friday a group of monks stormed a house in Nawala and threatened the inmates over allegations they were carrying out unethical religious conversations.
The monks attached to the ‘Sinhala Ravaya’ organization were backed by a mob when they stormed the house at Walauwatha in Nawala.
The mob went inside the rooms in the house to “investigate” the allegations raised against the family.
Some people in the mob assaulted the wife of the man in the house in front of their young child, which was captured on video by a private television camera crew. (Colombo Gazette)
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