Iran forces Aussie plane near Lanka to leave

The Iranian Navy’s 24th fleet of warships warned away an Australian surveillance aircraft while approaching the Sri Lankan coast, the deputy commander of the Navy said.
The Tehran Times quoted Rear Admiral Siavash Jareh as saying, “When the 24th fleet of the Iranian Navy, which was comprised of the Khark helicopter carrier and the Sabalan destroyer, was approaching the Sri Lankan coast after leaving Zhanjiang Port and crossing the equator, with a serious warning, it warned away from its area of presence an Australian surveillance aircraft which was approaching the fleet of warships to take films.
“And the surveillance aircraft immediately changed its flight course after receiving the warning, but when it was flying away, it began dropping submarine detection devices on the way of the fleet of warships and all the dropped devices were picked up thanks to the expertise and timely action of the courageous marines of the armed forces.”
Jareh also said that the fleet would dock in the Port of Colombo in late March.