Monks storm Nawala house

A group of monks stormed a house in Nawala late this evening and threatened the inmates over allegations they were carrying out unethical religious conversations.
The monks attached to the ‘Sinhala Ravaya’ organization were backed by a mob when they stormed the house at Walauwatha in Nawala.
The mob went inside the rooms in the house to “investigate” the allegations raised against the family.
Some people in the mob assaulted the wife of the man in the house in front of their young child, which was captured on video by a private television camera crew.

monks 1
The mob taking away a Buddha statue (video grab)

The television crew was invited by the monks saying they were going to raid a house where some illegal activities were taking place.
Buddhist statues and images of other religions were placed on an altar next to each other, which the residents of the house say is an attempt to show religious unity.
However the mob refused to believe the claims and also said that Buddhist statues or images should not be kept next to images of other religions.
The monks instructed the mob to remove the Buddhist statues from the house and one monk was seen throwing a bible on the floor.
Repeated appeals from the residents in the house for the monks and the mob to discuss the issue peacefully went unheard.
A police team then arrived at the house and took the residents as well as the monks to the Welikada police station to record statements.
The residents of the house in Nawala told the police that their mobile phones and money had been stolen by the mob. They denied claims that they were carrying out unethical conversions.
The latest incident occurred just when the issue of religious freedom in Sri Lanka was raised at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
The ‘Sinhala Ravaya’ organization was recently involved in staging protests outside a clothes store in Maharagama saying it was being operated by a Muslim management. (Colombo Gazette)