Army baffled by allegations in Geneva

The army is baffled by the allegations being raised in Geneva against the military, the army media unit said in a statement today.
Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya urged his troops to be on alert to the “malicious propaganda network” against the army.
“The vigorous unilateral allegations against the Army, now made in Geneva, baffle all of us who decisively waged the humanitarian operations in Wanni at that stage when I was the Wanni Commander because neither myself, nor any Security Force Commander or for that matter, any Division or Brigade Commander, to say the least, in the province, received a single complaint against the Army from any of those quarters, now screaming elsewhere. How come? Why no such complaints of this nature were made at that period against the Army or any specific ground commander, is really food for thought and incredibly confusing,” he said in the statement.
Jayasuriya said that since the culmination of the war various interested parties have been making a barrage of criticism against the troops, based on a rash of unfounded allegations, malice and ulterior motives.
“All these manifestations appear every year around the same time when UN Human Rights Council gathers for their sessions in Geneva. It will be the practice, next year, too because the LTTE rump does not want to see a promising and prosperous Sri Lanka and they want to thrive on those allegations until they re-emerge,” he said.
He said that the critics never want to heap praise on the Sri Lanka Army for its decisive eradication of the world’s most feared terrorist outfit, the LTTE at the expense of many heroic lives.
“Why is it so? Was it because they still could not contain or uproot their own terror cycles in their home fronts or just because of their mere hypocrisy,” the army commander said. (Colombo Gazette)