CBK stops her children from politics

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga says her children will never enter politics as she had advised them against it.
A mother of two, Kumaratunga said that she also opposes family politics running the country and never wanted her brothers, sisters or relatives to be in politics at the same time.
“My children love this country but I have told them continuously that there is no need to enter politics. If they want to do service to the country there are so many other ways to do that,” she said.
She also said that after her two terms in office as President ended she continues to serve the country in several other ways.
“We are not getting any help from the government except maybe obstructions. But I am continuing to do what I want to do for society on my own and through the help we get from individuals and others,” she said.
Kumaratunga meanwhile noted that Muslims in the country are facing threats and yet the issue has not been solved by the government.
She says while the Tamils had at one time faced problems in the country the Muslims are now for the first time facing similar problems.
Kumaratunga said that religious disharmony is growing on the country with some groups attacking places which do not promote Buddhism.
“During my term as President these things happened. We immediately stopped those incidents. We arrested people. I’m sorry to say we even had to arrest monks for trying to attack places of worship. That situation then ended there,” she said.
Kumaratunga says the incidents which took place at the time were not highlighted in the media as the government dealt with it discreetly.
“Today we don’t see that happening. There is discord among communities and religions,” she said.
The former President urged civil society, religious leaders and others to address the issue  instead of depending on political leaders. (Colombo Gazette)