Karunanidhi calls for a general strike on Sri Lanka

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK president M. Karunanidhi has called on all the political parties and the people in India to participate in a general strike on Tuesday.
The Hindu newspaper reported that Karunanidhi recalled the recent resolution passed by the Tamil Eelam Supporters’ Organisation (TESO) demanding a fair international probe into the alleged genocide in Sri Lanka and urging the Union government to support a resolution moved at the United Nations Human Rights Council against Sri Lanka.
He also said, “During the discussion on the issue in the Parliament even political parties such as BJP voiced support to the cause of Tamils. As there was no strong commitment from the Union government as anticipated and it was necessary to exert more pressure on the Centre.”
The DMK president called for total support from all quarters, including those in government positions, and demanded that a holiday be declared on the strike day.
“Private and government buses (should not run). Why, even Centre should announce suspension of train and flight services that day,” he added.