KP still a wanted man by INTERPOL

KPKumaran Padmanathan, the one time LTTE chief arms procurer, better known as KP, is still a wanted man.
His name and other details appear on the INTERPOL red list over the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
The INTERPOL warrant says KP is wanted over crimes involving life and health, terrorism and crimes involving the use of weapons and explosives.
Pathmanathan was one of the top LTTE officials and ran a global network of LTTE offices which were engaged in its weapons procurement, logistics and money laundering operations.
Initially based in Malaysia, where he set up a shipping company in 1987, he was forced to move out after the Malaysian Special Branch cracked down on LTTE activities in the country in 1990, culminating in the seizure of an LTTE ship the same year.
Pathmanathan then moved to Thailand, which became a safe haven for the LTTE. There he established himself as the head of banking, procurement and shipping for the LTTE. He is believed to have obtained citizenship of Thailand.
Pathmanathan was the subject of a worldwide manhunt, which involved police from cities including Johannesburg, Rangoon, Singapore and Bangkok. Some of the world’s foremost intelligence agencies, including the American CIA and British MI-5, were on his trail.
He was believed to have had bank accounts in London, Frankfurt, Denmark, Athens and Australia and over 200 passports for his use. In May 2011, he alleged that the United Nations and a “western country” worked to help many LTTE operatives escape from Sri Lanka.
Known as an elusive, secretive individual, he helped keep a low profile by having direct contact only with LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.
He was subsequently arrested and brought to Sri Lanka. KP is currently involved in humanitarian work in the north. (Colombo Gazette)