UNHRC told reconciliation process complex

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was told today that Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process was complex and is being approached on different angles.
Speaking during the 22nd session of the UNHRC session in Geneva this evening, the Sri Lankan delegation said that the government is in the process of implementing the National Action Plan of the LLRC recommendations with specific time lines.
The government also warned of international terrorist networks operating on foreign soil while continuing to receive overt and tactic support from host societies.
“This tolerance and accommodation could lead to the resurfacing and rejuvenation of terrorism which has been effectively suppressed in countries that have suffered from it,” the Sri Lankan delegation said.
Sri Lanka says it believes all countries have the responsibility to ensure that terrorism does not jeopardize the rights of its citizens on their own soil.
“Equally countries have a duty to ensure that activities in its jurisdiction do not pose a threat to present and potential victims of terrorism in other nations,” the Sri Lankan delegation added.
The delegation said that Sri Lanka remains committed to the Global Counter-Terrorism strategy that consolidates the activities of member states and presents a common strategic and operational framework to fight terrorism and protect the right to life. (Colombo Gazette)