Pilots guild claims SriLankan threatening air safety

The Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka (ALPGSL) claims it has learned of an attempt by the senior management of SriLankan Airlines to lower the required standards after the selection of successful candidates in the current cadet pilot intake.
The ALPGSL Executive Committee, in a statement, said that such minimum standards which have been maintained for over 30 years, has provided safe travel for the general public and has established SriLankan Airline pilots to be of the highest caliber and standards worldwide.
“In the past, these minimum standards in recruitment process have always been maintained and met for the assessment of new cadet pilots in order for the safety and high standards of the Airline to be consistent,” it said.
Lowering of such standards is not in the best interest of the Country or the Airline and it is in this respect, the ALPGSL is seeking clarification from the SriLankan Airlines Senior Management about such a contradictory directive in one of the most highly regulated industries.
“Furthermore it is our understanding that the Chief Pilots in charge of training and more significantly also maintaining standards have tendered their resignation over the last few days. In view of these serious developments, the ALPGSL membership have been reluctantly compelled to take relevant action and have been given the mandate necessary for further action if needed in order to protect the standards of the Airline,” the ALPGSL Executive Committee statement said.
Due to the seriousness and repercussions of such actions by the Management, the ALPGSL has appealed to the Government to look into these irregularities and are confident that required action and accountability will be initiated and taken. (Colombo Gazette)