Police warn law breakers during big-match season

The police today warned it will take legal action against school boys and their supporters who violate the law during the ongoing school big-match season.
A statement by the police media unit said that most boys tend to travel in open vehicles on the road waving their flags and at times harassing the public.
Police spokesman SSP Budhika Siriwardena said that there have already been reports of young school boys breaking the law while celebrating on the streets in support of their schools.
He said that most students, old boys and supporters travel in open vehicles in a manner which puts their lives at risk.
Some vehicles violate road rules or create a traffic congestion, the police spokesman said.
The police alerted schools authorities, parents and guardians to advice their children on the need to obey road rules and respect others on the street when celebrating the big-match season. (Colombo Gazette)