CBK hits out at parliament

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga has slammed parliament and other provincial and local council politicians in the country saying most of them are murderers, thieves and uneducated.
She says any politician or individual has a right to point out wrongs or mistakes being made by the country’s rulers an they should not bow down to them and ignore those mistakes.
“I’m not talking about one or two people. I’m talking about the 225 people who represent us in parliament as well as the 400 or 500 odd who represent us in provincial councils and the 3000 odd who represent us at village level. When you look at them you find that you cannot differentiate the politician from that individual,” she said at an event in Kandy.
Kumaratunga noted that a politician involved in corruption on crime will never be a good politician.
“If someone ties another person to a tree and breaks his bones that person is not a good person. People like that cannot do clean politics or represent their people in their areas,” she said.
The former President said that when one looks at parliament you will find that most of the parliamentarians have not entered University or have degrees.
“Parliament is being used as a business to draw money from the people,” Kumaratunga said in her hard hitting speech.
She said that parliamentarians must have a clear vision for the country and work towards achieving that goal.
The former President says, on her part, she can hold her head up high and walk on the street today as she knows she has not stolen anyone’s money or done any wrong to anyone. (Colombo Gazette)