Search on for suspect who fled after shooting

A search operation is underway to locate a suspect who fled from police custody following a shooting incident between the police and two other suspects in Dimbulagala this evening which resulted in the two suspects being killed.
The police media unit said that a T-56 weapon and 3 hand grenades were found from the location where the bodies of the two suspects were found.
Following a police complaint being received today of a car being hijacked and heading towards Pollonaruwa, the police and army placed roadblocks at several locations and checked vehicles passing by.
The army spotted the vehicle at a road block in Batticaloa and arrested a man together with a T-56 weapon.
The suspect had then revealed that two others who were with him in the car had got down from the vehicle at Dimbulagala.
A police team then launched a search operation in the area and when they confronted the two suspects a gun-fight had ensued.
The police media unit said that the two suspects were found dead at the end of the confrontation.
In the meantime the suspect who was arrested had fled from police custody, the police claimed. A search operation is now underway to arrest the suspect. (Colombo Gazette)