Sri Lanka still wants good ties with the EU

The Sri Lankan government says it still wants to maintain good ties with the European Union (EU).
A statement by the External Affairs Ministry quoted Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Belgium, P.M. Amza, as saying that as sovereign nation states Europe and Sri Lanka may take different paths to achieve the same goals of good governance, social justice, equity and stability but the resolve to strengthen the existing relations and move forward remains undiminished.
“Sri Lanka’s relations with the Europe is closely linked to over 400 years of European presence in Sri Lanka. The vibrant cultural, social, educational and livelihood affiliations that exists even to date, speaks volumes” the Ambassador said.
The EU is expected to back a resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) when the Sri Lankan issue is discussed next month.
Ambassador Amza said that the 65 years of post-independence has given Sri Lanka a wealth of experience and challenges.
“We traversed through the contours of a thirty-long and difficult years, to overcome the scourge of terrorism. All that agony is behind us now. Yet, the lessons we learnt, guides us, towards making Sri Lanka a model of Asia. A society that thrives and benefits on the strength of its rich mosaic of cultural, ethnic, religious, ideological and social diversity. A country, that is best for investment and doing business. That is safer, cleaner, peaceful and prosperous,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)