India warns it may back resolution on Lanka

India would support any resolution brought forward by the United Nations against Sri Lanka if the island nation does not honor recommendations of the world body on human rights issues, Indian Minister of State V Narayanasamy has said.
“When United Nations brought forward a resolution against Sri Lanka, India voted for it. If UN’s recommendations are not honored by Sri Lanka, India will support any resolution brought by it against the island nation,” he told reporters, according to a report on the Press Trust of India.
Observing that the Centre was always for protecting Sri Lankan Tamils, he noted that powers were given to them through the Rajiv Gandhi-Jayawardene accord. “But Rajapaksa is not accepting them now.
“India is taking steps to get powers for Sri Lankan Tamils. That’s why India is taking a neutral stand. Not like some Tamil parties and Tamil Nadu government, which take decisions and pass resolution without thinking…,” he said.