Sri Lankans abroad attempting to distort image

The Sri Lankan government says attempts are being made by some Sri Lankans abroad to distort the image of the country.
Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha said that there was a need to evolve a consensus among Sri Lankans living abroad to desist from seeking to exploit domestic issues as foreign policy issues.
He called on Sri Lankans living abroad to contribute towards moderating the negative narratives propagated against Sri Lanka by clarifying genuine concerns and debunking the falsehoods, a statement by the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Geneva said.
The Ambassador made these observations when he addressed the 35th Independence Day celebrations attended by Sri Lankans living in Geneva and surrounding cities at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva.
“These continue to be challenging times for Sri Lanka, as some, particularly living abroad, either mis-guided or with vested interests, continue to seek to distort the image of Sri Lanka,” the Ambassador said.
While recognizing that there may be differences of opinion amongst Sri Lankans on some issues, the Ambassador said that it is important to identify and bracket issues Sri Lankans disagree on and work harder to reconcile the disagreements internally and not allow them to adversely affect the image of the country abroad.
“Such bracketing is something we constantly do in our daily lives – within our homes, offices and communities, where we close ranks on issues, for a higher purpose. Great nations that have succeeded in forging ahead against many odds, are those that have been able to leave domestic issues at the water’s edge,” the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Geneva quoted the Ambassador as saying. (Colombo Gazette)