Anisha: A cake designing teen maestro

What started off as a hobby has ended up as a kind of a career for young Anisha Nareshkumar, who as a cake designer has now reached levels beyond her expectations.
A product of Asian International School (which she emphasizes is a school she is very proud of) Anisha never went for classes or took any sort of training in cake designing.
It was her natural talent and the passion she had to bake cakes and design them which eventually saw her designing beautiful and of course yummy cakes.
Speaking to the Colombo Gazette, Anisha says initially she designed and baked cakes as mostly birthday gifts for her friends or family members.
“I just did not have the time to go for classes in cake designing. Nor did I take art classes or anything like that. I just started this as a hobby,” she said.
Her brother Avinesh then one day came up with the idea of creating a Facebook page ( to showcase the cakes designed by Anisha and that opened the doors to a whole new world for the teenager.
Anisha, at 16 plus, has now started getting orders from a large section of society.
“I never expected this kind of response. Word started to spread a lot mostly after the Facebook page was opened. I have got big orders including for weddings and corporate events. My clients have been really happy with my work especially since I’m doing this at a young age,” she said.
So how does Anisha manage the money she gets being a teenager?
Anisha says she uses the money she gets from her cake orders to buy the ingredients to design and bake cakes instead of going to her parents for money.
“My family has been very supportive and they let me use the space and things at home to do my work,” she said.
But one thing is for sure, cake designing is not Anisha’s ultimate career goal despite the success she has achieved in it at such a young age.
“My ultimate goal is to do medicine. Yes my cake designing has reached levels I never expected and I will need to think about what I need to do next in that area. But doing medicine is priority for me,” she said. (Colombo Gazette)