Sri Lanka among “risky” countries to use credit cards

Sri Lanka has been noted among countries where it is risky to use credit cards, Indian media reports said today.
A report in the Times of India said that some banks in India have issued their customers fresh cards after they had used their cards in Sri Lanka.
The newspaper report said that it is riskier to swipe credit cards in Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia than in Europe.
Many travel agents have an informal list of countries where it is risky to use credit cards because information can be stolen and misused. Credit card information thieves often target tourists who buy electronics, or visit pubs and clubs, the Times of India report said.
“We tell travelers not to use credit cards at clubs, pubs, casinos, department stores or small shops when they travel abroad. It is a risk to use ATM machines in Malaysia. There is no advisory or black list available, but we get a lot of feedback from other travel agents about customer experiences abroad,” said Basheer Ahmed, an office-bearer of Travel Agents’ Federation of India.
“It is better to ask your bank whether it is safe to use a credit card before going on a trip abroad. Banks say that Singapore is the safest. My bank issued a fresh card after I used it in Sri Lanka,” said D Sudhakara Reddy, national president, Air Passengers’ Association of India.
Recently, a private bank informed a customer that they would like to reissue a debit card “for security reasons” two days after she returned from a trip to Sri Lanka. A senior official of a private bank said there was no advisory or black list of countries but “we advice customers in a general way, like we tell them about phishing, to be careful while using credit cards”. (Colombo Gazette)