Rights group seeks release of 2 students

Amnesty International, a London based international human rights group, is campaigning for the release of two Jaffna university students who are under police custody.
The two students were among four boys arrested by the Terrorist Investigations Division in December last year following a tensed situation which arose in the Jaffna University.
It was reported that they were arrested due to their alleged involvement in a petrol bomb attack on the office of a local political organisation, as well as their involvement in organising demonstrations.
Two of the four students were later freed last month after undergoing rehabilitation at a camp in Welikanda while the other two are still at the camp.
Amnesty International is calling on the authorities to release P. Tharshananth and K. Jenemajeyamenan or charge them with a recognizably criminal offence and try them promptly in accordance with internationally recognized safeguards;
The rights group is also urging the authorities to ensure that the detainees are treated in accordance with international standards and given full access to their lawyers, families and any medical attention they may require. (Colombo Gazette)