Four Lankan immigrants hospitalized in Indonesia

Four Sri Lankan illegal immigrants who were stranded in the waters south of Cilacap regency, Central Java in Indonesia, have been hospitalized after suffering from dehydration and suspected typhoid fever.
Head of Supervision and Immigration Enforcement at Cilacap, Edi Rohaedi, said one immigrant had to undergo treatment at the hospital after complaining of a stomach ache and it was later found the immigrant had symptoms of typhoid.
Three others were also taken to hospital with similar symptoms and signs of dehydration.
A wooden boat carrying 25 immigrants crashed in the ocean south of the island of Nusakambangan on Monday while it was heading to Cocos Island in Australia. The passengers were rescued by the Indonesian authorities.
The passengers had survived for 15 days without food or water after their boat had got stranded following engine failure. One passenger had jumped into the sea and is still missing.