Lankan refugee to unite with relatives after 25 years

It was a dream comes true for RonatVeniReeta, a 30-year-old Sri Lankan refugee and a mother of three children, when she learnt that her relatives are still alive in Sri Lanka.
It has been 25 years since Reeta, an inmate of Vembakottai in Virudhunagar district, came to India with her parents father and mother. Life is full of misery for Reeta.
Within a couple of years after reaching Tamil Nadu in 1988, she lost her mother Mary and was living with her father Susai, who also expired two years ago.
She married Sivaraja and has three sons. She has been working in a cracker industry for the past 10 years to educate her children. For the last five years, she has been suffering alone to eke out for her livelihood and to educate her sons since her husband got married to another woman and abandoned them and living somewhere. “There has been a regular dispute between me and my husband which resulted in the separation. Working as a labourer in a nearby cracker unit, I have to toil more than eight hours a day to look after my family,” she says.
“I was very happy to learn that my relatives are still alive Sri Lanka.
I was only five years old when I came to Tamil Nadu. I don’t remember any of my relatives’ face there. But they have sent me a communication. I have decided to leave India and settle in Sri Lanka with my children as I don’t have anyone here and why should I stay here,” she said.
The relatives were traced after Reeta managed to submit a photograph of her relatives and an old address to the Red Cross. “We communicated to the Red Cross in Sri Lanka for help. They found out the relatives and facilitated in sending message from them,” said N Krishnamurthy, tracing officer, Indian Red Cross Society.
“With the help of the commissioner of rehabilitation, we reached out to Reeta and her relatives. Her relatives, including her maternal uncle have evinced interest in meeting her. They would talk to her over phone soon.
She can leave for Sri Lanka and live with her relatives as she wishes,” said M Gopalakrishnan, member, tracing committee, Indian Red Cross. (Times of India)