Indonesia transfers Sri Lankan migrants

A group of Sri Lankan illegal immigrants have been transferred from a detention center in Padang to Medan in North Sumatra, local media reports said.
The Indonesian media said that the Padang Immigration Office sent 16 Sri Lankan illegal immigrants to Medan, the third group of illegal immigrants to be transferred this week.
“They left after being boarded on a flight at the Minangkabau International Airport (BIM). In Medan the UNHCR will investigate whether they are refugees or asylum seekers,” the Chief Immigration officer at Padang, Elfinur said.
Elfinur said that the immigrants were transferred from Padang because the detention center was full.
The Sri Lankans who were transferred had reached Indonesia by boat while heading to Australia to seek asylum.
Nearly 46 Sri Lankans were arrested earlier this year and detained at Padang but according to the Indonesian media the detention center at Padang can accommodate only half of that amount. (Colombo Gazette)