Police visit Dilshan’s neighbor over CCTV camera

Police officers investigating a complaint filed by a neighbor of cricketer T.M. Dilshan saying a CCTV camera in his house has been directed towards their swimming pool, visited the neighbor’s house today.
Police officers visited the house located next to Dilshan’s house and separated by a parapet wall, to further investigate the complaint, police sources and eye witnesses told the Colombo Gazette.
The issue was initially reported in a weekend newspaper last week where the neighbor, Mrs. Renuka de Costa, had claimed that the CCTV camera violates her privacy and that of her two young daughters.
Renuka de Costa had told the Sunday Leader newspaper that she had filed a complaint with the Mirihana police and that initially the police had failed to take action over the issue.
Dilshan and his wife however have rejected the allegations raised against them over the CCTV camera. They insist that the camera is not directed at the neighbors. (Colombo Gazette)