Largest fisheries harbour in Asia opened in Dikkowita

President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared  open the Dikkowita fisheries harbour today, the largest fisheries harbour in Asia.
The government said the harbour will help increase the fish harvest due to efficient handling operations.
It will reduce the sailing distance and waste due to spoilage. The Dikkowita fisheries harbour will provide a large number of direct and indirect job opportunities and attract local and foreign investments in fisheries, he added.
The Dutch government has provided EUR 53 million for the fisheries harbour and BAM International was awarded the contract for the design and construction of the fisheries harbour in Dikkowita situated about 10 kilo metres north of Colombo.
The new fisheries harbour stands on an 8.1 hectare area and has 11.7 hectares for the harbour basin. It is designed to handle a daily catch of 125 tons of fish per day.
The harbour has an administration building, auction building, fish processing units, six cool rooms, a net and glass fiber repair building, a general store with firefighting equipment, crew amenities, a canteen, fuel and water facilities and a slipway.