YES 101 Fun Rally to be flagged off

One of the most anticipated racing events on the motor sports calendar “YES 101 Fun Rally” will be officially flagged off by the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) when they team up with YES Fm on the 26th of January at Depanama Pannipitiya.

A route has been plotted by the CMSC’s rally specialists, who will take competitors from the YES 101 Station, at Depanama Pannipitiya, to the Pannala International Race Track. The route is only known to the organizers. The rally is expected to commence at 7 am on the 26th of January, while competitors will be flagged off in 2 minutes intervals to proceed through the mysterious route.

Along the route map given to competitors, they will be required to drive at speeds set for specific distances, and ensure that the tasks which are requested are performed as specified by the organizers.

The winner of the event will not be the fastest driver but teamwork will be the key factor to win the prize. The overall winner will walk away with Rs100, 000 while the 1st runner up will get Rs. 60,000 and the 2nd runner up with Rs, 40, 000 respectively.

The organizers have also placed Check points where the Marshal will note the time of arrival of each vehicle. This enables the organizers to know if the competitor has followed the route and has kept to the set speeds.

Four specific documents will be handed over to the driver, which includes the Route instructions, time and distance charts, route check card and answer along with a set of rules and regulations.

YES FM has also planned a host of games and surprises at the Pannala International Race Track, which would be a day to remember.