TNA MP says he is being framed

Tamil National Alliance MP S. Sritharan says he is being framed by the government over the discovery of explosives and pornographic materiel in his Killinochchi office.
He said that some 50 officers of the police and army had conducted the raid on his office on Saturday without a court warrant.
Sritharan also said that independent journalists or individuals were not able to witness the raid and he feel most of the items were planted by the officers in his office during the raid.
The Ministry of Defence said that explosives, pornographic CDs and condoms were among the items recovered in his office.
The raid was carried out following the discovery of explosives hidden in a three-wheeler the previous day.
“TID officials found approximately 400g of low explosives, a large number of mis-leading, anti government propaganda material, distorted anti peace literature, pornographic materials including CD’s, condoms, lots of photographs of local young tamil girls and other ambiguous propaganda material. Upon inquiry TNA’s Kilinochchi district organizer Arunachalam Velaimaligeedan had confirmed the arrival of the two arrested suspects to TNA – Kilinochchi district MP S. Shritharan’s political office the day before,” the Defence Ministry said.