Taiwan nationals deported

Sri Lanka yesterday deported 94 Taiwanese arrested for allegedly running online scams after the fraud ring was busted by the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) and its counterparts in mainland China and Sri Lanka, the CIB said.

This is the second instance of cross-strait cooperation in a fraud investigation in Sri Lanka, said the CIB.

Sri Lanka police worked with China’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) and arrested 100 suspects in rural Colombo last December, including 74 men and 26 women. Ninety-four of them are Taiwan nationals aged 20 to 30, the CIB said.

The Sri Lanka-based fraud ring hacked into the online bank accounts of mainland individuals, retrieved the victims’ personal information and then impersonated Chinese police saying there was a security issue regarding the victims’ bank accounts, said the CIB. The perpetrators then asked the victims to wire savings to a Sri Lankan bank account, reaping about 2.93 million yuan, said the CIB. (China Post)