Army insists troops not teaching in uniform

The army says there have been false reports circulating in the media to the effect that Military Officers in Killinochchi have started teaching Sinhala in schools, in military uniform.

Army spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya says Zonal Education Officials had recently informed the Security Forces Commander in Killinochchi that students in the Zone are suffering due to a shortage of teachers for Maths, Science and Sinhala.

He said that the Security Forces Commander had subsequently carried out a survey among troops and picked soldiers with the necessary qualifications to teach the three subjects in Tamil.

“Selected persons have been given an exposure to teaching methodologies with the help of the Teacher Training Institute. The would be teachers are now ready, to teach those subjects in Tamil medium, however no one will do that in Military Uniform,” the army spokesman said.

He says the soldiers selected and trained to teach those subjects, would be employed for teaching in civvies and also it will be done only upon a formal request by the relevant authorities.

“In any case this will only be an interim measure to overcome the current difficulties faced by the Zonal authorities and only until suitable teachers become available. To date, no Military Person is attached to any school,” the army spokesman added.