Only Lankan flag has given Tamils a place

The consul-general of Sri Lanka in Sydney, Bandula Jayasekara says only the Sri Lankan flag has given a place to the Tamils and not even India.

Writing for Canberra Times, Jayasekera  recalled that the design of the Sri Lankan flag came out of a consensual agreement signed by Tamil and Muslim community leaders immediately after independence.

He was responding to allegations raised against Sri Lanka. He says Sri Lankan Tamils were only liberated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sri Lankan security forces.

He says the Sri Lankan government put an end to the violent human rights record of the LTTE when it crushed them in May 2009.

“With all the infirmities that can exist in a postwar situation the Sri Lankan government has established a sound record of rehabilitating LTTE cadres and settling nearly 300,000 internally displaced people who were dragged from village to village, without food, water, shelter and medicine by the LTTE,” he said.

Jayasekera notes that peace may not restore ideal conditions overnight but postwar Sri Lanka has taken the great leap forward to restore peace, dignity and self-respect to all citizens which were never available under the horrors of needless terrorism.

He also noted that people-smuggling has been a common tactic of the LTTE to pack Western electoral constituencies with pro-LTTE agents who in turn can influence decision-makers at the highest levels to push an anti-Sri Lankan agenda.