Lanka wants Adele tried for war crimes

Sri Lanka says Adele Balasingham, a key member of the LTTE and head trainer of LTTE’s female cadres needs to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

An article appearing in the Defence Ministry website says Balasingham, the spouse of LTTE theoretician Anton Balasingham, took pride in training young girls as young as 10years to kill.

The article says Adele was responsible for training, arming and tying a vile of cyanide around the necks of innocent children.

“Orders were simple – if captured commit suicide by taking the cyanide. Terrorists giving such orders is excusable but a Western woman and a nurse at that is nothing compared to her parents being proud of their daughter training child soldiers,” the article on the Defence Ministry website said.

Adele Balasingham  is currently believed to be living in England and the article says the UK authorities appear unconcerned about a war criminal living happily in Surrey after training thousands of young girls to their deaths.

“Of course, UK authorities have done little over the years to really clamp down on LTTE terrorism and one wonders why it would even allow its capital to be used as the international head quarters of the LTTE despite LTTE being banned in the UK. Why ban an entity as a terrorist organization if UK allows it to hold demonstrations, collect funds, influence its politicians, have them speak on LTTE stages,” the article said.

The LTTE’s female military unit was headed by Adele Balasingham she christened them “Freedom Birds” and the trust these young girls had placed in Adele was such that she was even refered to as “Aunty”, the report adds.

Adele Balasingham was a key member of the LTTE delegation during the 2002 peace talk held in Thailand (3 sessions), Oslo, Germany and Japan.