64 Sri Lankan trafficking victims captured

Sixty-four Sri Lankans suspected of being trafficked with help of Thais to a third country were captured while waiting for transport in Pattaya.

Chonburi Immigration Police raided the Bai-Yok Resort following a call from a Rong Poh resident asking for investigation of a large number of foreign visitors to the neighborhood. None of those taken into custody were believed to be the traffickers.

A local resident said a Thai woman had been seen checking in on the Sri Lankans and had been responsible for finding them temporary quarters before being shipped out via Laem Chabang Port to another country. About 100 Sri Lankans are believed to have already been moved.

None of the 64 Sri Lankans would divulge any information on their handlers. All had proper tourist visas, but immigration officials seized the passports and visas as they prepared the suspected human-trafficking victims for repatriation. (Pattaya mail)