President calls for strengthening the bridges of peace

President Mahinda Rajapaksa issuing a message on Christmas has said that the birth of Jesus Christ showed the world the importance of love extending to all, moving beyond all barriers, extending from the highest to the humblest in society, to all beings who share this earth with us, and to nature that sustain us all.

He has said that the teaching of love and understanding in Christmas can help in strengthening the bridges of peace, tolerance and reconciliation.

Prime Minister D.M. Jayarathne in his Christmas message pointed out that Christmas teaches us the importance of joining hands to establish reconciliation among the societies.

Opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has stated in his message that all Sri Lankans should endeavor to make Christmas a meaningful one.

Meanwhile, His Eminence Dr. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith urged every Christians to commit themselves to changing all that is not in keeping with God’s holy will and to be sensitive to the various forms of human sufferings in our society that affects the poor people.