Mahela in breach of SLC contract

Sri Lanka Cricket captain Mahela Jayawardena has been accused by the Sri Lanka cricket board of breach of contract.

A statement by the cricket board media manager Rajith Fernando said that Mahela had spoken to the media regarding a discussion he had had with the cricket board.

Jayawardena had requested the board to distribute part of the guarantee fee due to the team from the World T20, to members of the Support Staff and certain ground staff.

However the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket had turned down the request at its last meeting held on 12th December.

Fernando said that the players are paid 25% of the guarantee fee as per their contract and it is not distributed among anyone other than the players, hence the reason for the Executive Committee to refuse to deviate from the standard practice.

Certain sections of the media contacted the Treasurer to clarify exactly what happened and he had explained this process.

Thereafter, when it was carried in an article in a local newspaper, Mahela Jayawardena made his concerns known to the cricket office bearers.

The subsequent release of his views through the Manager, direct to the media is a breach of their respective contracts on the part of both the Captain and the Manager and this matter will be taken up for discussion when the Executive Committee next meets, the cricket board said. (Colombo Gazette)